Eminem And Cee Lo Green Drop By Slaughterhouse’s New Video “My Life”

Becky Bain | June 21, 2012 7:00 am

Though Eminem doesn’t drop a verse on Slaughterhouse‘s “My Life”, Em was generous enough to make one memorable appearance in the group’s video. (They are on his Shady imprint, after all.) The clip’s prologue includes a Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous-type program, featuring Slim Shady using his Platinum Records for shooting practice, showing off his garage full of 300 Crystler300s, and offering us his secret for maintaining that youthful beauty of his: bathing in the tears of other rappers. Oh, and did we forget to mention he has baby T-Rexes as pets? He has baby T-Rexes as pets.

Cee Lo Green, who does provide vocals on the track, also makes an appearance in the comical clip about living the high life. “My Life” is the lead single off the group’s new album Welcome to: Our House, due this summer.