See Justin Bieber’s New Believe Tattoo

Erika Brooks Adickman | June 22, 2012 10:00 am

In case you had even a shred of doubt as to whether Justin Bieber stands by his new album, Believe, the pop star had his latest LP’s title tattooed right onto his left forearm. This is not the first or even second permanent mark on the Biebs — at just 18 years old the “Die In Your Arms” crooner has racked up four tattoos so far. However this is the first time JB has a gotten a music-related design. 

Not everyone was thrilled with Justin’s decision to get inked again, specifically David Letterman. During his appearance on the Late Show the stylish singer was scolded by the host. “How does that help how you look to have a tattoo?” Dave asked.

“I mean it doesn’t not help the way that I look,” Justin wisecracked back and continued to shrug off the comedian’s opinions by calling him a grandpa.

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