Katy Perry On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Watch Her Interview

Robbie Daw | June 26, 2012 7:53 am

It’s been a long, two-year haul for Katy Perry in her Teenage Dream era, but it’s all winding down now with the upcoming release of 3D documentary Part Of Me. The “Wide Awake” singer hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and seemed to even surprise herself when the following words popped out of her mouth: “As of August 1, I don’t have one thing planned. Although, I probably shouldn’t tell everyone that! My friend are finally gonna call and be like, hey, do you wanna do lunch? And I’m like, yeah! I can do lunch — finally!”

Katy later tells Jimmy that her sister was banished from home for stealing lingerie from Macy’s, the Tupac hologram threw her for a loop, she’s planning to travel (somewhere) on the globe and she’ll be bringing her 91-year-old grandma (who’s “full of sass”) to her movie premiere. Watch the first part of the sit-down above, then see the rest after the jump.

Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live, part two: Katy decides where in the world she wants to have a “wilderness weekend.”

Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live, part three: The singer explains that she’s obsessed with Japanese culture…and that her sister is a sinner!

Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live, part four: Are Katy’s parents upset that she’s a sex symbol? “I can’t help it…I’m just using what God gave me!”

Tonight Katy returns to perform on Kimmel.