Brandy Talks Chris Brown, Lady Gaga And Whitney Houston On ‘Showbiz Tonight

Becky Bain | June 29, 2012 2:59 pm

Brandy made an appearance on Showbiz Tonight to promote her role on Drop Dead Diva, and she instead ended up spending the majority of the interview being quizzed on pop culture. The show’s host did manage to ask her a few relevant-to-Brandy questions, such as her working with Chris Brown on her song “Put It Down” and her thoughts on Whitney Houston, as well as some not-so-Brandy-specific questions, including Lady Gaga‘s suicide song “Princess Die”. He also brought up Ke$ha‘s lip tattoo, because when you have Brandy on your show, you’d be crazy not to bring up another pop star’s ridiculous body art. See what Brandy had to say about all these topics below!

On working with Chris Brown: “I just feel like everybody goes through things in their life, and it’s not my place or anybody’s place to judge, I just know that Chris is a fantastic artist and he’s always been supportive of me as an artist, and I just wanted to work with him because he’s great at what he does.”

On Lady Gaga’s suicide-themed song “Princess Die”: “Music should be a freedom to express whatever’s going on in the world… there are people going through very, very tough things in life, so I appreciate that.”

On the “Celebrate” video and Whitney Houston: “Just to hear her… that’s my first time hearing a snippet of the new song, and it’s tough. This woman has meant everything to me and to know she’s no longer with us in the physical is tough, and it’s been tough for pretty much everyone who was touched by her music…” Brandy then breaks down into tears, apologizing for getting emotional.

On Bobbi Kristina‘s acting career: “That’s such a beautiful thing. I had no idea acting was a passion for Bobbi Kris, but I think whtever is making her happy and whatever voice she is following in her heart, I think she should continue… I’m so proud of her, and I’m so happy to hear this news.”

Unfortunately, we never find out Brandy’s opinion on Ke$ha’s lip tattoo. Brandy, tweet out your thoughts, the world must know!!!