Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Radio Interview After DJ Brings Up His Mom

Becky Bain | June 29, 2012 5:26 pm

Justin Bieber seems like an easygoing fellow to talk to — we sure didn’t have any problems relating to him one-on-one during our recent interviews with the pop star — but it turns out a few things are off limits when you’re in the middle of a Q&A with The Biebs: 1) his mama, and 2) likening him to any other famous Justins in the pop world.

Bieber called into Mojo In The Morning,  and things started off okay until the DJ attempted to compliment Bieber by comparing him to Justin Timberlake. The singer didn’t find it so flattering. “Our voices sound nothing alike,” he shot back. After that minor hump, things went back on track until the host brings up One Direction‘s Harry Styles, and asks Justin if he trusts the older women-loving boy band member around his mother. Eventually, Bieber has enough of this chit-chat and decides to leave it altogether by hanging up.

Head below to hear the interview. Warning: it’s so awkward. 

(Jump to 6:25 for the part where things really get painful.)

Mojo: “Do you worry about Harry when he’s around your mom because it seems like he likes older women?”

Bieber: “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro.”

Mojo: “Justin, my mom’s dead, so unfortunately, it wouldn’t work.”

Bieber: [Silence.]

Mojo: “This is the moment of the interview where it goes south.”

It turns out Bieber was “a little upset with the question”, and “probably won’t be calling back.” Let it be known now: Justin has no patience when it comes to his mama, so best to keep her out of your list of questions. (You also might want to rethink any Timberlake-related queries, lest you get hung up on.)