Pitbull Might Be Exiled To Alaska

Erika Brooks Adickman | June 29, 2012 5:40 pm

Somewhere Lindsay Lohan is smiling. In a promotional campaign gone awry, Pitbull might have to perform in the remote island of Kodiak, off the coast of Alaska. The original idea seemed fool proof, advertise for Sheets Energy Strips and have fans vote to which Walmart they’d like to have “Back In Time” rapper perform — with the intent being that the “Get It Started” artist could come to a fan’s hometown store.

But when Something Awful‘s David Thorpe and Joh Hendren (and various Internet trolls) got wind of the discount store’s push, they thought it would be fun to #ExilePitbull by sending him to America’s most isolated (and smallest) store in the franchise. Pitbull, who’s currently on his world tour, has yet to comment about his possible “banishment”. If you’d like to make sure the Today show performer has to pack his bags for Kodiak, or to ensure he doesn’t, you better get voting. Polls close July 15.

Maybe next time advertisers will include a much stricter fine print. [Via Gawker]