Ed Sheeran Rides Ginuwine’s “Pony” In An Acoustic Cover

X. Alexander | July 3, 2012 11:52 am

There are few problems in life that a spin of Ginuwine‘s mid-90’s bedroom favorite “Pony” can’t solve. Those of us who saw Magic Mike over the weekend were already treated to Channing Tatum taking it all off to the original, but if you think Ed Sheeran‘s acoustic cover is going to put us on “Pony” overload for the week, you have clearly underestimated our threshold for naughty equestrian anthems. So grab a saddle and let’s do it — ride it, Ed Sheeran’s “Pony.”

We never thought we’d hear a version of “Pony” that sounded so sweet and innocent — we almost believe that Ed is singing about riding an actual, physical pony and not… whatever Ginuwine is singing about. Ed Sheeran’s acoustic cover is the My Little Pony to Ginuwine’s bucking bronco, so you now have an array of options for what kind of mood you want to set when you play “Pony.”

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