Usher Calls The Cops On A Crazed Fan: Hear The 911 Call

X. Alexander | July 3, 2012 3:34 pm

Here’s something that probably made Usher want to “Scream.” It was Raymond lurking outside someone’s home in his “Climax” vid, but in real life the tables were turned when a a delusional fan found her way onto his Georgia property twice — returning for a second round of incessant doorbell-ringing even after security removed her the first time. (And in case you think it may have been a harmless mistake, she was also claiming to be his wife.)

Speaking in a hushed tone, the R&B crooner is clearly frightened as he explains the situation to dispatch. He remains cool and modest throughout, coming off like any other homeowner — he doesn’t just come right out and say, “I’m Usher, I need all your cops here now, and have you picked up your copy of Looking 4 Myself yet?” Hear the audio of Usher’s 911 call below.

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(Image via Getty.)