Listen To Justin Bieber’s 911 Call During Paparazzi Chase

Becky Bain | July 9, 2012 12:15 pm

While driving on the 101 freeway through Los Angeles like “a maniac”, Justin Bieber placed a call to 911 reporting the paparazzi following him. The call was released today, and in it you can hear how shaken up Bieber is by the high-speed chase.

“I was trying to go fast so I can lose these people, and I got pulled over,” explains Bieber, who identifies himself as “Justin Johnson”. “And the police told me if they kept following me, to call in.”

“They’re the ones who are driving reckless, and I’m just trying to have them not be on my tail,” he added. Hop below to listen to his 15-minute call with 911, placed as three to five cars continued to follow him. We certainly hope Bieber was using his hands-free handset to make the call.

On Friday July 6, Bieber was driving 80mph and weaving in and out of traffic in his chrome Fisker Karma when he was pulled over for speeding and reckless driving, though Bieber’s behavior was due to his being followed by other reckless drivers taking photos of him while driving. “When I tried to explain it to the police officers, they were just being not nice about it,” he says. “He let all the paparazzi around my vehicle when he was giving me the citation.”

While on set of his new video for Believe single “As Long As You Love Me”, he filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi following him for his aggressive driving. Coincidentally, the same photog was on the music video set, taking pics of Bieber. The police took his statement as well, and are currently investigating him.