Madonna Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Her MDNA World Tour: Watch

Becky Bain | July 9, 2012 5:00 pm

Before Madonna‘s tour truck overturned in Sweden, the biggest problem facing the pop star’s MDNA world tour was exhaustion. Well, that, and Madge’s own nerves. “I feel like my training wheels are being taken off before I’m ready”, she says of her new stage spectacle in a recently surfaced behind-the-scenes clip (which reminds us just a pinch of her Truth Or Dare documentary due to it being shot in black-and-white). “I feel like I’m going to crash a few times.”

Tone & Rich, the tour’s co-directors and choreographers, seem just as stressed out as the show’s star, and you’ll notice most of the NSFW language in the footage comes from their mouths, not Madge’s. Most of what we see of the pop legend is her being being flipped in the air by her backup dancers, playing guitar, and riding her bike to get to-and-fro during rehearsals. (There’s also brief cameos of her two sons, Rocco and David.)

Madonna really shines underneath the stage as well as above it, taking the lead for the pre-show prayer circle. “Remember why we’re here,” Madge tells her cast and crew. “We love to sing and dance and do what we do best… to shed a light and inspire people, that’s why we’re here, that’s our job.”