M.I.A.’s Madonna Demo “Baby” Hits The Internet

Robbie Daw | July 10, 2012 9:51 am

Chris Brown‘s “Don’t Wake Me Up” isn’t the only William Orbit-produced track that didn’t make the cut for Madonna‘s MDNA, but it might be the only one that gets a proper release. M.I.A.‘s “Baby”, a song she penned for Madge, made its way online today, and caused the controversial UK songstress to tweet the following: “who ever LEAKED THAT BABY song should know that ive never heard this version B4 it sounds crazy different 2 wht i worte for madonna… this song wasnt recorded for myLP> so its not complete > besides i now have way more to say to my man.” Hear “Baby” below.

Meanwhile, Orbit himself chimed in on Facebook today:

“thanks for the link, er, but we hadn’t even finished the song yet. Madonna and MIA were going to add some more bits I think. Not sure. I’d put it on hold. All I’m doing at the moment is filming (taking a break from musicians and their crazy world!)”

Indeed, “Baby” sounds very minimal here (though we like it better than the M.I.A./Madonna pair-up “Birthday Song”), and we’re wondering if it could have been worked into anything usable for MDNA, had it been properly worked out in the studio?

What do you think of “Baby”? Was Madge right to leave it off MDNA?

[Via Rap-Up.com]