Marina And The Diamonds Sparkles In Hollywood

Guest Editor | July 11, 2012 11:05 am

Marina And The Diamonds released the US edition of her sophomore album Electra Heart yesterday (June 10), and what better way to celebrate an album highlighting the agony and the ecstasy of living a Hollywood life than to play a show in Hollywood? The Welsh singer took to the Henry Fonda theater for powerful, highly entertaining sold-out show, the first of her Lonely Hearts Club tour here in the States. Before she even came on stage to perform her opening number “Homewrecker”, the crowd — 90% gay men under 25, 9.9% women under 25 in death-defying heels, .1% me — was already prepared to love anything Marina delivered. Head below for highlights from Ms. Diamandis’ Hollywood takeover. 

Marina mentioned several times how much she loves costume changes, which was obvious from how many she had: her outfits included a lacey, ivory skirt and matching mid-riff bearing top, a wedding veil with a fur stole and gloves, giant wedge heels, a glowing heart belt and yellow neon shoes, a pink, puffy prom dress, and a slinky Statue Of Liberty-type gown — a perfect ensemble for a woman finally making a splash here in the US.

Keeping in theme, the songstress sipped water (or perhaps something stronger?) from a giant martini glass all night in between performances of her songs like “Oh No”, “I Am Not A Robot” and “Power And Control”. Her (fake) toy poodle dog Marilyn made a cameo at one point, with Marina sharing that her pooch’s “favourite thing is snuffling piles of cocaine”. Her sense of humor shined throughout the show, especially when she accepted poems and drawings from her fans in the crowd. “Imagine if I put them on my fridge, then brought a boyfriend home and my walls are full of this stuff, pictures of me and poems for me,” she laughed.

The show was incredibly varied, ranging from calm acoustic numbers with the singer taking to the piano, to dance riots with the whole crowd jumping up and down. Marina even impressed when she wasn’t singing, graciously thanking the audience for coming, and taking the time to introduce (and reintroduce) her band.

After performing her Stargate-produced “Radioactive”, she came back out for a three-song encore, closing off the night with her ode to America, “Hollywood”, while shaking yellow pom pom and holding a giant hamburger. Doesn’t get more American than that.

Marina’s new album Electra Heart is out now. Read Idolator’s review here