Whatcha Say: Frank Ocean, Adam Lambert, Wonder Girls & Marina Got Our Readers Talking

Idolator Staff | July 13, 2012 5:00 pm

 Frank Ocean‘s name was in the headlines for a second week following both the surprising early digital release of his debut LP Channel Orange and the fact that Target has decided not to stock the physical CD upon its release next week. Meanwhile, word came that unreleased Destiny’s Child music is on the way, shakeups at American Idol have Adam Lambert‘s name being thrown around as a possible new judge and Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” was trumped by Maroon 5‘s “Payphone” in our 2012 Song Of The Summer poll.

So how did our readers react to all this pop jibber jabber? Head below for our weekly roundup of your best comments!

:: Dustin Farmer was jumpin’, jumpin’ over Destiny’s Child Will Drop Unreleased Music This Fall: “I’m just now getting over the fact that they all went their separate ways. It will be exciting to hear some unreleased tracks, but if a reunion tour ever does happen, I will be the first one on Ticketmaster to buy a ticket!”

:: Hugh Manatee aimed for the bullseye on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange Won’t Be Sold At Target: “I worked for Target a while back. Maybe they have a beef with his sexual orientation. Maybe it’s the online release thing. I DO know, that Target SUCKS at carrying typically ‘Black’ music. There were many major hiphop / R&B releases that Target didn’t carry until WEEKS after they killed the charts. I worked at a store near Cleveland, and they didn’t carry Kid Cudi’s new album at all. (Cudi is from Cleveland, in case you didn’t know.) I had people coming in everyday for 2 weeks after that dropped asking for it. Target is just run by idiots.”

:: Pia Ash added: “Well welcome to the club Frankie. I remember when you could not find [a] Chris Brown CD in their stores but Walmart, Best Buy & FYE was well stocked up and kept restocking.”

:: Gary Catona Voice Builder approved of Adam Lambert Reportedly In Talks For American Idol Judging Gig — Can You Picture It?: “He would be a good choice. He knows what the contestants are going through, as he has been through it himself. Also, he is one of the show’s best success stories.”

:: Karby climbed into the debate on American Idol: Four Things The Show Can Do To Remain Relevant: “AI alum as judge? Why don’t they try out Melinda Doolittle. I find her commentaries in the weekly Idology on TVLine/YouTube with Michael Slezak quite compelling.”

:: Filippo Marchelli heeded Marina And The Diamonds Gives Dating Advice On “How To Be A Heartbreaker”: “’This is more their song than Marina’s.’ I totally agree with this, apart from the lyrics it’s just a catchy generic pop song. It’s nice if it helps her on the charts and I will definitely be happy for her, but Electra Heart was flawless as it was, this was completely unneeded album-wise.”

:: Meanwhile, akfhjda typed these letters on Marina And The Diamonds Electra Heart: Album Review: “You should watch some interviews with Marina and hear her talk about writing the album. I think you’re way off on this one. But either way, I love Marina and I love this blog so I’ll give you a pass.”

:: Danny agreed. “I love this album. It is filled with tragedies, hopeless love stories, and ironically superficial themes (hence the “American Life” theme). Marina’s voice is sultry and inviting. I’ve been listening to this album for 3 months since it came out in April, and still haven’t gotten tired of it (like MDNA, Dirty Bass, Overexposed, and that new Believe). Idolator, I have to disagree with you on this one.”

:: John wasn’t handing out an gold stars on Wonder Girls Get Schooled In Love By Akon In “Like Money” Video: “I could see this doing well in the clubs, but it’s kind of generic. I don’t really see this being a hit, but who knows.”

:: Emmett Anthony hung up on Maroon 5′s “Payphone” Voted Official 2012 Song Of The Summer By Idolator Readers: “The songs this summer are not up to par to the selection from last year.”

:: Travis stayed wide awake for Katy Perry: Part Of Me Didn’t Even Come Close To Opening Haul Of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never: “I saw it! I loved it. It was good fun and heartfelt. And touching that she actually chose to leave in some very intimate moments. I barely bought Teenage Dream as a result of seeing the movie.”