Wynter Gordon Plans Four New EPs, Releases “Stimela” Video

Becky Bain | July 13, 2012 3:15 pm

Wynter Gordon‘s M.O. for her career thus far has been peppy pop songs and joyful dance tunes, but the singer is looking to flesh out her sound with the release for four new experimental EPs. Called The Human Condition, each EP will cover a different emotion, and the first one in the series, Doleo (Latin for “pain”) dropped this week. Its first single, “Stimela”, was inspired by an anti-apartheid song of the same name and features a chorus sung in the African language of Zulu. It’s accompanying video has a wild, carnal vibe to it, with Gordon dressed in tribal wear. As much as we love her club-leaning songs, there’s something really refreshing about this new, animalistic side to her.

“The music I’m making now is music I’ve always made, I’ve just never been able to release it on a label,” Gordon tells Billboard. “I was growing into this person I am now, and I had to make the music that felt right and was passionate about. I didn’t feel like I was singing everything I wanted to sing, doing dance music and pop music. I wanted to make something that felt real to me. These EPs include every genre of music I like. I really just felt like I had to by myself.”

Look out for Gordon’s other EPs, two which cover the feelings of “love” and “lust.” They can be picked up at WynterGordon.com.

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