Lady Gaga Releases Creepy Short Film For “Fame” Perfume, Teases New Single

Becky Bain | July 18, 2012 1:20 pm

Besides Little Monsters who will snatch up anything Lady Gaga releases, who is the target audience for her “Fame” perfume? Lovers of German expressionism? French goths? Hot scientists? That’s what we take away from “Formulation”, an ad (or rather, a short film) created to promote the pop star’s first scent. In the black-and-white clip, we see a team of shirtless hunks at “the Haus Laboratories in Paris” conjuring up Gaga’s black fragrance. It’s shot more like a horror movie than your average pop star fragrance commercial, but did you really expect Ms. Germanotta to do anything the normal way?

Besides this short film, Gaga dropped a few details on Twitter about her next single. “MONSTER FACT: we love watching you freak out about what the next single is. @DJWS ask this guy,” she wrote, pointing to the Twitter of DJ White Shadow, who has previously wrote, produced and remixed several of Gaga’s Born This Way tracks.

Some believe the single in question could be “Nothing On (But The Radio)”, a demo that surfaced in 2010 that is reminiscent of the sound during her The Fame era. Whatever the single turns out to be, it won’t be much longer til we get to hear it — Gaga announced back in June that she plans to release the name of her new album in September.

[Via MTV]