Passion Pit’s ‘Gossamer’: Album Review

Carl Williott | July 24, 2012 5:30 am
Passion Pit has always been a poison apple — or peach, if you want to maintain “pit” congruity — for frontman Michael Angelakos. He completely indulges his thoughts until bursts of vivid ideas spew forth, but this allows confusion and dread to rush in too. The result is glossy hyper-pop with a pervading pensiveness; it’s a delicate balance that has driven the band’s music since the beginning, often at the cost of Angelakos’ mental health. The thing is, their debut LP Manners was so blissfully blown-out that nobody really noticed. (It also helped that many of the lyrics were indecipherable). On Passion Pit’s second album, Gossamer, (out today,