Flo Rida Responds to Former Assistant’s Lawsuit

Christina Lee | July 20, 2012 9:08 am

In February, a former assistant sued Flo Rida due to unfair compensation. This morning, the rapper spoke up about the lawsuit and its outcome.

“For the most part, you got some weird people in this world where, you know, once you get to a certain level of success — I mean, you start realizing you’re famous,” Flo Rida said on Sway in the Morning, adding, “I will walk away paying more than they try to get from me, because I’m really honest about it. I didn’t do anything wrong.” However, if tabloids are to be believed, the story is a bit more complicated than what Flo Rida claims.

In the six months that she worked for Flo Rida, Mahogany Miller claimed to have worked 65 hours per week while earning $3.08 an hour, according to TMZ. Flo Rida’s attorney responded by claiming that Miller was hired as an intern, not an assistant. Ultimately however, Flo Rida had to pay $7,000 in fees for falsely claiming that his camp was never served papers, his excuse for not addressing the lawsuit in a timely manner.

Flo Rida’s latest album, Wild Ones, was released July 3. It currently holds the No. 14 spot on the Billboard 200.