Alanis Morissette Is A “Guardian” Angel In Her New Video: Watch

X. Alexander | July 27, 2012 12:26 pm

We’ve thought for a long time now that Alanis Morissette is divine — she did play God in Dogma, after all. Her “Guardian” video continues the heavenly theme of her City of Angels soundtrack contribution “Uninvited,” featuring Alanis as guardian angel to the black-and-white city of Berlin, complete with big, feathery wings (though she seems to have left her harp and halo at home).

“Guardian” carries on with the long-standing music video tradition of pop stars as emotive savior to the masses, though it’s a bit unclear just how much of a “guardian” Alanis really is, since she mostly just stands there watching and singing as a kid is bullied and a girl deals with her fighting parents. Plus, going from playing God to a mere angel — isn’t that a pretty major demotion?

Of the video, Alanis said: “This video is a tip of the hat to Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire (it is the 25th anniversary of the film having been released). The full circle poetry of my having written ‘Uninvited’ for its remake, combined with my love of the original movie, combined with my love of Germany, having lived there for three years as a child (by the Black Forest), combined most importantly with how this video is such a visual extension of the song ‘Guardian,’ which is so close to my heart… it was so much fun to make it in Berlin!”

So, yes, the video is a little cheesy, but it’s hard not to love Alanis anyway. “Guardian” is the first single from Havoc and Bright Lights, her seventh studio album, due August 28.

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