London Olympics 2012: Sir Paul McCartney Performs “Hey Jude” At Opening Ceremony

X. Alexander | July 27, 2012 6:33 pm

The world is watching the London Olympics now, thanks to the Opening Ceremony which closed with a rousing rendition of The Beatles“Hey Jude” performed by Sir Paul McCartney. As inspirational anthems go, “Hey Jude” is pretty much at the top of the list — not to mention Sir McCartney is about as London as it gets, so it seems a fitting choice.

The legendary rocker, who began his performance with a few bars from Beatles classic “The End”, clearly became choked up as he looked out over the mass of people from all over the globe in the Olympic stadium. You’ll hear it in his voice during the opening lines of “Hey Jude”. But ever the pro, he quickly pulled it together, and had the entire world singing along.