Whatcha Say: Beyonce’s Stans, Lady Gaga’s Deposition & Jewel’s Duet Got Readers Talking

Robbie Daw | February 1, 2013 5:30 pm

It’s a big week for Beyonce fans anxiously awaiting her Super Bowl halftime blowout on Sunday, and we threw some kerosene on the excitement by highlighting her followers via an in-depth exploration into the so-called BeyHive. Mrs. Carter also caused quite a ruckus when she admitted that her delivery of the National Anthem at President Obama‘s inauguration wasn’t exactly live, during a press conference for the Super Bowl. All of this pop drama — plus the latest round of American Idol auditions and Jewel and Kelly Clarkson‘s retooled version of “Foolish Games” — gave our readers plenty to talk about over the past seven days!

:: We pushed Mark to the edge of glory on Lady Gaga’s Deposition With Her Former Assistant: Read The 5 Most Amazing Quotes: “I don’t even like GaGa but this is the best read of the day!”

:: HumbertHumbert got quite literary on American Idol: Matheus Fernandes and Micah Johnson Are Big Voices In Long Beach: “Don’t even watch the show, but I will await your summaries!! Its like tea with a bf minus the bs auditions! Life+saver=you”

:: MusicManDave was glad to hear Jewel & Kelly Clarkson Team Up For “Foolish Games” Duet: “Beautiful. Kelly gives the song more emotion and I like the rock feeling to it as well.”

:: Likewise, Tzahy Rapoport wondered, “is there something kelly cannot sing?”

:: darbecle warbled on Beyonce Admits To Lip-Syncing National Anthem, But First Sings It Live Just To Prove She Can: “Really? SHE DID NOT SAY SHE WAS LIP-SYNCHING! It’s like you all are illiterate. She said she SANG-ALONG (Which you can hear on the WSJ version of the anthem video) to her pre-recorded voice! Come on now, Idolator.”

:: Dee snatched away Bey’s halo, though: “Shame on Beyonce for telling the public to ‘get over it’ when our taxes paid for her to perform live. MIllions of people work harder than a performer for minimum wage and don’t fake it. She was paid to sing live and tried to full everyone and got caught. Did she tell the President of the United States that she was going to cheat him and her fans? Beyonce, don’t act like it’s not a big thing because it is. If she said she sang along with the tape then explain how she got caught by someone hearig her not sing.”

:: Speaking of Bey, streaming shook their damn head at Beyonce At The Super Bowl: A Look Inside The BeyHive: “I don’t understand it. there should be more to life for these people.”

:: Fan4me copped to idolizing another queen: “This is why being a Kelly Clarkson stan is the best, we’re basically happily isolated from all this whacko ass stuff that happens and can still support our girl. No one pays mind to us, and that’s a good thing.”

:: Kirk didn’t mince words when chiming in on the stan terminology: “These are terms from the gay community; they aren’t really from the BeyHive, no matter what they may think.”

:: Finally, Dillia Gregory snatched everyone in sight’s weaves, threw them into the blender and turned them into wig paste: “Killer Bey here. No filter. No limits. And yes I’m the one that goes too far and just don’t care. Don’t disrespect King B and all scalps will be safe. simple.”

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