The Veronicas Release New Song “Lolita”: Listen

Becky Bain | July 30, 2012 10:06 am

Aussie twin duo The Veronicas – aka Jessica and Lisa Origliasso – have given the world some of the most satisfying pop anthems, from their 2005 Dr. Luke collab “Forever” to their 2008 sexy clubstomper “Take Me On The Floor”. The twins are coming back with new disc Life On Mars, and though they haven’t released an album in five years, they’ve obviously been paying attention to what’s currently on the radio. Their new single, “Lolita”, carries Ibiza dance flourishes and rave-ready synths delving into dubstep, a far cry from the uncomplicated pop they were churning out mid-Aughts. Jump below to hear The Veronicas’ updated, on trend sound.

The Veronicas – “Lolita”

The song title is based off the main character of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, but The Veronicas aren’t really singing about an inappropriate relationship between an adult man and young girl.

“I’m your Lolita / La Femme Nikita / When we’re together / You’ll love me forever / You’re my possession / I’m your obsession / Don’t tell me never / I’ll love you forever,” the chorus goes. In this case, the name Lolita is just a euphemism for a sexy, dangerous vixen, more or less. Not that anyone should really be paying too close attention to the lyrics in a club banger like this. (Though if you’d like to, you can see the full “Lolita” lyrics at Direct Lyrics).

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[Via The Prophet Blog]