Iggy Azalea Discusses ‘Glory’ EP & Departure From Interscope In ‘Interview’

Robbie Daw | July 30, 2012 2:17 pm

Iggy Azalea‘s Glory EP is due out at some point today, and the Sydney, Australia-born rapstress spoke to Interview to promote her debut release. It’s a very candid one-on-one that finds the femcee discussing the trials, tribulations and label drama she’s encountered during her short time in the music business.

“I was in this weird place where it felt like everyone was shitting on me, like, ‘She didn’t get that deal with Interscope. She got dropped! She won’t get another project!’ making it so much worse then any of it really was,” Azalea tells Interview. “I felt like they wanted me to fail and I thought, I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m going to get my glory.”

Azalea goes on to discuss why she’s releasing an EP ahead of her debut LP The New Classic, which is now due out next year:

“So many people in the industry are like, ‘You can’t really write records.’ It’s to prove to myself that I can write songs. It’s not easy to make a song that the whole world relates to, and to do it over and over again. When I got in the studio I realized this is really, really hard. It’s easy to do whatever the hell you want to do but everybody can’t connect to that. I was just trying to find a different way that I could do it with Glory. I don’t know if it’s successful but I did learn a lot about songwriting while I was doing it.”

The “Murda Bizness” vixen also freely admits that she doesn’t know what she wants her album to sound like yet, and says she won’t be releasing it until it does.

But what she does know is that being part of a big label didn’t feel like the right fit. Thankfully, it was T.I. to the rescue:

“At the time, I felt like I was just floating around in a big ocean. I got picked up and caught by a label [Interscope], and it was very impersonal. It felt like I was a product. When I met [T.I.] and everybody else over at [Grand Hustle], it felt like I was with real people again. He cared about me as a friend, not just as a check. I want to know that when I make mistakes, I have a label and a family who won’t desert me. I think a lot of people looked at it like, ‘Why would you do that? It’s Interscope! It’s a giant!’ but you also have to be happy in the place that you work.”

Another thing that irks Azalea is that fact that she gets rapped (pardon the pun) across the knuckles, so to speak, for using provocative language on her jams, while other artists get off (um…) the hook simply by choosing different terminology in their lyrics.

“To me, Britney Spears in a nude rhinestone bodysuit rolling around is just as sexual as me saying ‘pussy, pussy, pussy” sitting on a doorstep,” Iggy laments. “If I dressed in a bedazzled bodysuit and sung basically the same message but sugared it up a bit, I’m sure people would let their kids watch it, and there would be toddlers in tiaras dressed up in it in the talent competition on TV.”

Meow. Do you agree with Iggy’s sentiments? Will you be downloading her Glory EP later today? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

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