Pink Dances In The Blood Rain In Her “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” Behind-The-Scenes

Becky Bain | August 2, 2012 10:16 am

Pink‘s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” video was filmed in elegant black-and-white — save for the red splashes of wine and red water falling from the sky — but now we get to see the pop star’s clip in full technicolor in the “Blow Me” behind-the-scenes.

“Here we are in Malibu, I mean the south of France,” she says during the shooting of the ballroom scene, which Pink describes as “sexy and dark.” Director David Meyers, who has worked with the singer regularly since her “There You Go” days, adds, “The theme is a French countryside love story but there’s some eccentrics in there. There’s a flying bike at the end!” High-flying bicycle aside, the best moment comes with the 32-year-old dancing crazy as blood rain downpours on top of her. Now we know just how cheery Pink would be during the Apocalypse.

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is the lead single from the pop star’s upcoming album The Truth About Love, which drops September 18.