Ke$ha’s New Album Will Feature Guitars And More Of Ke$ha’s Real Voice, Says Dr. Luke

X. Alexander | August 4, 2012 1:41 pm

Are we getting an acoustic album from Ke$ha? Not exactly. But in a new interview with Billboard, hitmaker Dr. Luke dishes about the sound of her upcoming sophomore effort (following 2010’s Animal and the EP Cannibal) and says we can expect guitars and more in the way of actual singing from K-Dolla. (Wait, does that mean the vocals in “Blow” were processed?!) Read more below.

Already we’ve gleaned that the new LP will contain somewhat ominous-sounding tracks like “Supernatural,” “Die Young,” “Last Goodbye,” and “Crazy Kids,” and collaborations with Iggy Pop and members of The Flaming Lips and The Black Keys. Given that information, perhaps it’s no surprise we’ll hear a bit less synth and a bit more strumming this time around.

“You’re going to hear her voice more,”  Dr. Luke of the forthcoming album. “She asked for less production tricks and stuff like that this time. There are more guitars on the record now, too; on [Animal] Ke$ha was the one who told me, ‘Under no circumstance will I have any guitars on the record.’ That wasn’t really my call. So we made those without guitars. This record we’re allowed to use a little guitar.”

But fear not, fans who like their favorite beard-eater as $leazy as po$$ible: “You’re going to hear an artist that’s grown and is evolving, but it’s Ke$ha,” Dr. Luke says. “She’s no choir girl yet.”

Hey, as long as she still name-drops serial killers and uses whiskey as mouthwash, we’re all for it.

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