Karmin’s “Hello” Video: Watch The Duo’s Chinatown Romp

Robbie Daw | August 7, 2012 7:29 am

If you’ve yet to pick up Karmin‘s debut LP Hello but the title track sounds familiar, it’s because we premiered it here on Idolator back in May. The cutesy duo have finally served up the music video for their new Stargate-produced single, while breakout hit “Brokenhearted” is still going strong on the charts. And in it, Amy Heidemann wanders through vibrant Chinatown looking a little lonely and also a little mischievous while her real-life beau Nick Noonan is at home, shaving his head. He eventually shows up and the pair hug while looking seriously dour.

It all gets sorted out in the end, though — the ridiculously sweet couple drive off together in Nick’s convertible, as Amy rubs his newly buzzed head approvingly. Hey, who needs couples counseling when you can work out all your issues by making music videos together, anyway?