The Killers’ Drummer Goes Into The Wild In New ‘Battle Born’ Promo Video

Becky Bain | August 7, 2012 10:15 am

The Killers are getting creative with the promotion of their new album, Battle Born. Instead of delivering another conventional album trailer, they’re attempting to tell us a full story with their music as the soundtrack and their hometown as the backdrop.

In the first clip, “Ronnie, The Sage”, we see images of the Nevada desert as the band’s drummer, Ronnie Vannucci, bangs skins in the stark sun-soaked wilderness of his homestate (nicknamed “The Sage State”, FYI). A quad rider eventually enters the scene, kicking off the group’s lead single “Runaways” as a title card reads the name of the album, followed by “To Be Continued.” That’s hint enough for us to look out for more chapters of this abstract story, each one focusing on a different band member.

Battle Born drops September 18. [Via Spinner]