Whatcha Say: Madonna, Elton John, No Doubt & Lady Gaga Got Our Readers Talking This Week

Robbie Daw | August 10, 2012 5:30 pm

Over the past week, Elton John lashed out at Madonna (again), we caught sight of Lady Gaga on the cover of Vogue (again), we revisited Backstreet Boys debut album (again) and Drake unveiled a collaboration with late songstress Aaliyah (okay, that was a new one). Our readers chimed in with plenty of good commentary, which we’ve gathered up below. Go on — see how they sounded off!

:: Darkwing Duck found plenty to quack about on Elton John Has Extremely Harsh Words For Madonna, Praise For Lady Gaga In New Interview: “Elton is a fat, disgusting slob whose last relevant album came out in 1976. Take a seat, you sweaty hog!”

:: Kerry also voiced up: “I agree with him about how she’s acting way too young for her age. She’s almost old enough to get senior citizen discounts at Ihop. We don’t want to see your boobs anymore Madonna. Seriously. He shouldn’t have called her a c*nt though. That’s very untasteful for someone who was knighted by the queen.”

:: Craig listed Elton’s atrocities: “He is a desperate joke. How is her tour a disaster, its received mainly rave reviews and looks set to be one of the biggest grossing tours ever, oh and her album went to number one in over 40 countries. And how can he have a go at her for poking fun at Gaga stealing Born This Way (which all the critics etc agreed with) and then call her a c**t, he’s truly vile and gives gay men a bad name. Him and is houseboy need to go away.”

:: allyr took things to the edge of whorey: “It’s Gaga who constantly walks the streets in a bikini so who’s the fairground stripper? Silly old man.”

:: $NAPP$ snapped back at Nick Jonas Confirms American Idol Is Considering Him For Judge Position: “I love the fact that Mariah Carey’s going to be on American Idol but I’m not feeling Nick Jonas. I don’t think this kid has the experience or the talent to judge others on this show. I’ve loved watching AI and I’m looking forward to season 12 and watching it commercial free. I can only do this if Nick Jonas isn’t a judge, or this will make me find a new show on primetime.”

:: BSB_Team_Canada had quite a flashback over Backstreet Boys’ US Debut Turns 15: Backtracking: “This is my favourite Backstreet Boy album. Not just because it was released (here in Canada) on August 12th, my birthday, but because it’s one of the only Backstreet albums to simply consist of good music. I know that because when the album originally came out, I didn’t like it. Now don’t get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY adore BSB and always will, but looking back on it they got too big for themselves after Millennium came out, they started recording songs that were guaranteed formulaic ‘hits’ but little else. Stuff that the pre-teened me LOVED, but that wasn’t gonna hold up.”

:: Lia felt we said it all on Aaliyah & Drake “Enough Said”: Listen To The Collaboration: “I have been itching to comment, as I am a huge Aaliyah fan and I was upset when I heard this song, but I really do hope the album turns out good and there are less self congratulatory tracks as you put it. Well said lol”

:: Elcie dropped by David Archuleta, Niki & The Dove, Sixpence None The Richer: The Drop: “Thanks for your review of David’s BEGIN. album. Though I respectfully disagree with the assessment to skip this album. The covers and arrangements are very well produced and David has never sounded better. This album is uplifting and brimming with emotion. Something lacking in most pop radio ‘hits’. For those who enjoy great vocals without overproduction I highly recommend this album.”

:: modestychild liked what they saw on Adam Lambert Is A Blond Now: “Adam is one of those who can sport any color and looks fabulous! With his newly acquired tan and with that bleached blonde hair, he looks like a Viking God, or Nordic God! I can’t wait to see the outfits he’ll be sporting with this new look for his show in Japan this month! Adam is not one to be subtle in his looks or dressing! Boy is killing it with this new hair color! I love it!”

:: Sir thought Lady Gaga Covers Vogue‘s Whopping 916-Page September Issue was a drag: “I thought it was RuPaul!!”

:: Danny pushed back at No Doubt Reveal Push And Shove Album Cover: “Looks like something you’d do for a Facebook picture joke. Or a Facebook app where you stick your head in a hole and you’re on their album. Meh meh and more meh.”

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