Azealia Banks Unleashes New Track “Succubi”

X. Alexander | August 11, 2012 1:38 pm

And here we were, just wondering why there weren’t more major artists dropping tracks named after demons who invade your dreams to seduce you! The ever-provocative Azealia Banks has unleashed the hard-hitting “Succubi,” a dark, angry rap targeted at fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones, one of several artists Azealia has found beef with. Hear it below.

“It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch,” Azealia raps at the end of the track in one of several clear swipes at her fellow New Yorker.

So what is the beef over, anyway? The word “vamp,” apparently — you can read more about that at MTV. (Honestly, we don’t have the energy.)

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