Usher Reveals “Dive” Single Cover, Held In Contempt Of Court

Becky Bain | August 21, 2012 3:17 pm

Usher has revealed that he’ll release the emotional love ballad “Dive” as his next single off Looking 4 Myself, and we’re sure he hopes his fans’ focus will stay on his music instead of his increasingly dramatic personal life. The R&B star has been found in “willful contempt” for violating sections of he and ex-wife Tameka Foster‘s 2009 settlement agreement, reports E! News.

Foster claims that Usher violated terms that stipulated that “neither party shall travel with the children outside the State of Georgia or the Continental United States without the express written consent of the other parent,” and that each parent “provide travel dates, arrival and departure times, addresses and land line telephone numbers where the child will be maintained.” Foster testified that she often did not know where her children were, and once discovered they were in Los Angeles when she saw them on a red carpet at a Hollywood event.

Foster also testified that Usher denied her information about their sons’ education, health and extracurricular activities; that he did not pay for their sons’ nannies as dictated in the settlement; and that he cut off access to her Saks Fifth Avenue card, which she uses for business purposes as a stylist.

Earlier this month, Foster claimed that her ex-husband was faking being affected about the death of her son (Usher’s step-son) Kile Glover in order to win sympathy from the court during their custody hearing.

[Via E! News]