Mariah Carey’s “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” Video: Mimi Sticks To The Sidelines

Becky Bain | August 21, 2012 3:46 pm

Mariah Carey is barely the star of her new single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)”, what with her part completely overshadowed by rap verses from Meek Mill and Rick Ross. Sadly, the single’s video follows suit, with Mimi kept on the sidelines of a boxing match while Mill dukes it out in the ring. When Carey finally steps into the ring herself, it’s to play the role of the ring girl, which finds her strutting and waving signs at the crowd.

If you’re going to employ a boxing motif, shouldn’t Mariah — the alleged lead artist on the track — be the one with the gloves on? They could be diamond-encrusted Hello Kitty gloves for all we care, but she should be the one leading the action while everyone else roots her on. Never thought a diva like Carey would have any trouble demanding the spotlight.

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