Avril Lavigne Shows Off Gigantic Engagement Ring On Cover Of ‘Hello’

Becky Bain | August 22, 2012 11:46 am

Avril Lavigne‘s surprise engagement to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has already inspired countless jokey tweets and unintentionally hilarious heartfelt fanmade videos congratulating the couple. Avril and Chad have kept their six-month long relationship relatively secret until yesterday (August 21) when they announced their engagement, and now the duo are more than happy to show off their love — as well as Avril’s 14-carat diamond ring — while posing on the cover of Canada’s Hello. (Head to People.com for a closer look at Avril’s new bling.)

“I knew I was falling for her,” Kroeger tells the mag about working with Avril in the studio, co-writing a song for her new album. “It was incredibly powerful and something I’ll never forget.”

“He makes me laugh every day,” said Lavigne of Kroeger. “He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive.”

It’s pretty sweet how excited the two look — hopefully they stay off the Internet for awhile, because we’d hate for comments like “Here’s to Avril Lavigne marrying Chad Kroeger and one day giving birth to a happy, healthy Now That’s What I Call Music! CD” to ruin their happy moment.

How do Chavril rank among pop music’s most WTF couples?