Sean Kingston Attempts To Seduce With “Money”

Christina Lee | August 23, 2012 4:36 pm

Before Sean Kingston drops his new album Back 2 Life, he’s dropping songs-turned-teasers in his own “Feed the Streets Thursdays” series. The second song, “Money,” is about — well, obviously.

To sum up the collaboration with Dom Kennedy, the two rappers trade off verses about their commercial success — radio singles, among other career highlights — in between perplexing bouts of bemoaning the lack of attention: “Damn girl, can’t you see? I’m getting into that money right now.” The chorus is mind-boggling and a little mind-numbing, because if Kingston continues to drop singles at this rate, there won’t be any left for people to actually pay for. Hear how “Money” stacks up after the jump.

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