Lady Gaga Unleashes Latest Fame Perfume Ad

cstutz | August 24, 2012 3:53 pm

Lady Gaga has released a third promo video for Fame, her debut fragrance from the Paris-based “Haus Laboratories” (and sold at Macys). The video features Gaga strutting along a catwalk between rows of cloaked guards and nearly naked masked men. An unseen crowd chants “Gaga, Gaga” as the intro to Born This Way track “Scheiße” pounds. 

We also see again those cuts of the nude, Gulliver’s Travels-sized Gaga with small demonlike men crawling over her body. Gaga gyrates urgently in a black oil, with her signature sunglasses on. Then, untouched in gold-cast, her nude figure reappears. And with a scream, her masked face appears. This is what fame is like?

However dismal the dark side of her celebrity may be, it can’t be all bad. Mother Monster was recently named one of Forbes‘ 100 Most Influential Women. And it’s a good thing those creepy guards didn’t try to get too close or ask for an autograph. That, we’ve learned, is a no-no.