Does Taylor Swift’s Expanded Sound On ‘Red’ Include Dubstep?

Carl Williott | August 29, 2012 11:54 am

Taylor Swift‘s record-setting single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” made it clear that Swift could be just as even more successful when she adorns her breezy twang style with the latest pop trappings. And after seeing what she told Rolling Stone in a recent interview, her forthcoming album Red (Oct. 22) will be full of unexpected musical flavors — including (*gasp*) dubstep!

Whereas Swift wrote 2010’s Speak Now on her own, for the newest album she teamed up with pop assassins like Max Martin and Adele partner Dan Wilson. Swift told the magazine she was like an “apprentice,” saying “They taught me so much about melodic sense, and they let me do what I love, which is the lyrics.” The producers’ pop expertise seems to have had a real effect on her sound — based on Rolling Stone‘s take, one track features reverbed guitars and another has “a dubstep-inspired breakdown.” (No word yet on which break-up inspired such an aggro move…)

Longtime Taylor fans may cringe at the thought of Swift dropping the bass, but they can take solace in the fact that No Doubt‘s foray into dubstep-lite worked out OK. We love it when musicians take risks and try to meld their own styles with foreign-seeming elements from different parts of the pop spectrum, so we’re eager to hear the end result.

[via Rolling Stone]

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