Jennifer Lopez’s 3D Movie & The Top 5 Concert Flicks: Extended Cut

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 30, 2012 6:00 am

Welcome back to Extended Cut — our Soundbytes segment where we plunge into the depths of the biggest pop story of the week. Today, our focus is on one Ms. Jennifer Lopez. Now that the pesky American Idol gig is no longer taking up her schedule, how is J.Lo planning to rake in the dough (aside from shilling for Fiat and her Kohl’s clothing line)? The sultry siren recently unveiled plans to release a 3D concert movie, Dance Again. Hmm… a concert film, in three dimensions, where have we heard that idea before?

Should Jenny expect a blockbuster? What does it take to have a smash concert doc? Is the world prepared to see J.Lo’s glorious behind in 3D? Watch as we tackle some of these questions — and look back at pop music’s top earning concert films.