Rihanna’s Fashion Reality Show Unravels

Carl Williott | August 30, 2012 7:25 am

Unless you’re one of Rihanna‘s nearly 25 million Twitter followers, you probably didn’t know she was executive producing a fashion reality show in Britain called Styled To Rock. So, there’s actually a good chance you already knew that. But her U.S. fans shouldn’t hold out any hope that the series will get an American spin-off like so many other British series. Because, how do we put this, RiRi’s reality series is struggling.

The show’s premise sounds promising enough — designers compete to create a festival outfit for the Barbadian beauty — but the first three episodes have fallen below the network’s average viewership for its time slot. In fact, it has only cracked the 100,000-viewer mark once (just barely). Considering who the contestants are designing for, at least the show is saving money on fabric.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has had trouble translating her musical success to other realms of showbiz. Earlier this year Rihanna landed her first starring film role in Battleship, which only managed a paltry $25 million on opening weekend, and eventually grossed just $65 million in the U.S. And who could forget earlier this month when Nivea dropped her as an official spokesperson because she was too damn sexy? OK, so that one isn’t really her fault.

But let’s not blow this out of proportion. She has picked a couple mediocre projects. All stars do, Rihanna just happens to be busier and more obsessed over than most. We’re sure when September 6 rolls around, and she performs at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards it’ll be clear why all of Hollywood is eager to tap into RiRi’s star power. If there’s anything we know about the sultry singer, it’s that she delivers when she’s on the big stage.

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