Stevie Wonder Clarifies Comments Regarding Frank Ocean And Homosexuality

Carl Williott | September 4, 2012 9:44 am

After facing a barrage of criticism, Stevie Wonder is backtracking on comments he made in an interview regarding homosexuality and Frank Ocean‘s decision to come out. When asked about Ocean’s revelation that his first love was a man, Wonder told The Guardian “Some people who think they’re gay, they’re confused…People can misconstrue closeness for love. People can feel connected, they bond. I’m not saying all [gay people are confused].” Read on to see the part-apology, part-clarification Wonder released to MTV News.

Over the weekend Wonder released the following statement:

I’m sorry that my words about anyone feeling confused about their love were misunderstood. No one has been a greater advocate for the power of love in this world than I; both in my life and in my music. Clearly, love is love, between a man and a woman, a woman and a man, a woman and a woman and a man and a man. What I’m not confused about is the world needing much more love, no hate, no prejudice, no bigotry and more unity, peace and understanding. Period.”

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