Green Day Go For A Ride In Their Bloody “Kill The DJ” Music Video

Robbie Daw | September 4, 2012 1:17 pm

Green Day urge their listeners to “shoot the f***in’ DJ” in their new ¡Uno! single “Kill The DJ”. Less violent — or more — than when The Smiths once chanted for music fans to “Hang The DJ”? We’ll let you decide on that.

In the meantime, Billie Joe Armstrong & Co.’s video for the song has premiered, and it features the Cali punk band riding through the desert in the black-and-white-shot first minute before transitioning to color once the trio arrive at a dance club, complete with glowstick-waving patrons. And color is the key here, as the club-goers soon erupt into an orgiastic dance where they begin smearing blood all over their faces. This sure ain’t American Bandstand, kiddies. Watch above.

Thought it may seem like Green Day are targeting the current trend of dance music infiltrating radio with “Kill The DJ,” Armstrong recently told Rolling Stone that they’re really commenting on “static and noise… Like this government cannot, will not, agree with itself. They refuse to make it work. Right, left — it doesn’t matter. It blows your mind and pisses you off. It’s a song about being drunk, going through this chaos, feeling fucked up and all you want to do is get more drunk.”

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