Rick Ross Gets Political, Topless In “Presidential” Video

Carl Williott | September 10, 2012 2:17 pm

“Presidential” is one of our favorite songs from Rick RossGod Forgives, I Don’t because it finds Ross boastful but not overblown, and Elijah Blake’s light vocals meld perfectly with Pharrell‘s glitzy beach beat. For the video, Ross takes the song’s title quite literally by starting off with a soundbite from President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention September 6 (it’s been a strangely busy week for politics and hip-hop).

Don’t worry, though, after that it’s all boats, Benjis and babes (though Rozay himself shows more skin than the bikini-clad women). Save for the political prologue, it’s all boilerplate rap video stuff. But hey, not every video can be like “Birthday Song.” Check out the clip up top, and keep an eye out for Diddy!