Frank Ocean’s ‘SNL’ Performance Will Feature John Mayer

Carl Williott | September 11, 2012 11:57 am

When Frank Ocean performs on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 15, he’ll be flanked by John Mayer, according to an Ocean tweet. Having performed on SNL  in 2003, Mayer adds a veteran hand to the crooner’s debut. Plus the two worked together on Channel Orange, with Mayer playing guitar on “White” (he is also believed to be responsible for the nebulous solo at the end of the epic “Pyramids“). Check out Frank’s tweet after the jump.

So which song will they do? “White” is just over a minute long, so that is probably ruled out, unless it’s tacked on to another song. With a 9:52 running time, “Pyramids” is too long. However, it could be conveniently split into two songs, so maybe they’ll only play one half of it? One thing is almost certain, though: Mayer won’t be singing. He recently underwent throat surgery and has been ordered to refrain from singing for the next six months, forcing him to cancel shows.

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