Lady Gaga Unveils Three Song Titles: Will They Appear On ‘ARTPOP’?

Carl Williott | September 12, 2012 10:14 am

Some internet sleuthing has revealed that Lady Gaga registered three new song titles with BMI, presumably for her forthcoming album ARTPOP. The songs are called “Candy Art,” “Cold Hearted Bitch” and “CRWTH.” Based on the third title, she may have gone Welsh-wave on us, which is in line with the British infatuation she already unveiled on “Princess Die.” (Could Madonna‘s faux-British accent be far behind?) The singer also explained the meaning of that song to a crowd in London on September 8.

Over the weekend, Gaga said she wrote “Princess Die” about “Diana, about myself, about Amy, about Whitney…the pain about losing loved ones, the princesses in our life, to inspire us all to be kind to one another.” Gaga on September 11 mentioned the song in a tweet (and haircut) mourning the death of the mother of fashion photographer Terry Richardson.