Kreayshawn’s ‘Somethin’ Bout Kreay’: Album Review

Christina Lee | September 18, 2012 7:29 am
“Put me on, now I got it / these white girls keep on mobbin’,” Kreayshawn raps in“K234YS0NIXZ,” the seventh track off her debut album Somethin’ Bout Kreay (out today, ). Her shout out to her Oakland crew, White Girl Mob, plays out to a familiar tune: “Supersonic,” the 1987 breakout single by Ruthless Records hip-hop trio JJ Fad (the same song that Fergie sampled in 2006’s “Fergalicious”). Dr. Dre and DJ Yella‘s rapid fire ’80s electro rhythm suits Kreayshawn well, because, as in the past, it creates a wild dance track out of a naturally slower flow.

In her music video for breakout single “Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn wanders alone from sunny Rodeo Drive to a dark house party. People loved her jabs at, well, “Gucci Gucci / Louis Louis / Fendi Fendi / Prada.” People hated her for being a white girl appearing to bastardize black culture. But like many rappers making their major label debuts, Kreayshawn refuses to operate alone on Somethin’ Bout Kreay. In fact, had that “Gucci Gucci” house party been real, it may have played out much like the album — filled with small talk, rambunctious guests and a killer playlist.

The album’s executive producer is Jean-Baptiste, whose credits include the Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown and Madonna. But he’s also invited Speak and DJ Two Stacks, who co-wrote and produced “Gucci Gucci,” along for the ride. So while Kreayshawn only indulges in (rap) life’s simplest pleasures — counting stacks, smoking doobies, dodging haters and making out — Somethin’ Bout Kreay‘s variations on a hip-hop theme cannot sound more different, thanks to her major label grooming and minor league, mixtape-operating roots.

In opener “Blasé Blasé,” Kreayshawn’s squeaky flow barrels a sped-up version of the hollow jingling from Run-DMC‘s “Jam Master Jay,” courtesy of Chris Brown producers Free School and Jonas Jeberg. Meanwhile in “Left Ey3,” Two Stacks’ trap rap theatrics fuel Kreay’s threats to burn down her boyfriend’s house. In the process, she shouts out to Courtney Love and alt-porn (“Suicide Girl thuggery”) where Rick Ross would feel inclined to reference kingpins and Scarface.

Somethin’ Bout Kreay darts back and forth between these loose homages to ’80s cassette fare and mixtape fodder — particularly with the sing-songy cat-calling of “Summertime” (“all fit, real fine, she’s a sweetie / plus she’s looking great in her bikini”) and the 2 Chainz-assisted, chopped-and-screwed boasting of her drug supply in “Breakfast (Syrup).” The album divulges even less about Kreayshawn and her crew than she typically reveals in interviews, except that her social circles have widened tremendously.

Kid Cudi joins Kreay in “Like It Or Love It,” a thumping manhunt that leads to a threesome with some lucky female. (“Outside raining kitties, my doctor knows what’s up,” Kreayshawn reassures.) Closer “luV haus” features Kreayshawn, alone, stepping inside a trance-inspired confessional and singing (!) about her fear of commitment before her voice dissipates into the glittery ether. “luV haus” is unexpected and disarming, mostly because it seems to end right when she’s realized she said too much. After all, as first stated in “Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn would rather be in one big room, full of bad bitches.

The Best Song Wasn’t the Single: Or, it wasn’t before this week. “Twerkin!!!“, the Diplo-produced, bass-dropping anthem, could easily nab a spot in Billboard‘s Hot 100.

Pops Like: Dora the Explorer raiding a rap producer’s iPod.

Best Listened To: While getting ready for a night out.

Full Disclosure: When “Gucci Gucci” first dropped, I failed to see what the fuss was about. Then I started frequenting the weight room at my local gym, and while surrounded by wannabe beefcakes, I had to remind myself of the song’s best line: “I got the swag, and it’s pumping out my ovaries.”

Idolator Rating: 3.5/5

Christina Lee

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