Lady Gaga Compliments Christina Aguilera’s New Single: Sweet Or Shady?

Sam Lansky | September 18, 2012 8:59 am

Being a pop star means you can’t even give props to one of your contemporaries without the Internet completely freaking out. Earlier today, Lady Gaga tweeted Christina Aguilera a lovely compliment about Aguilera’s new club smash “Your Body” — but was it sincere?

Although rumors of the Gaguilera feud were put to bed years ago, we can’t help but detect a note of shade in that “Seems the old Christina i [sic] loved has returned!”, which implies that a more lovable Christina was gone for a minute. (Gaga must not have been a fan of Bionic.) Still, a note like that from the omnipotent Mother Monster could help buoy sales of “Your Body” among Little Monsters, now that the track is officially Gaga-approved.

But the only clear course of action is for Aguilera to respond with a similarly underhanded compliment. For example:

Oh, Gagz, you’re the sweetest! After a more detailed exploration of ‘Your Body,’ I finally figured out your gender. ;) XoXtina”