Colbie Caillat Announces ‘Christmas In The Sand’ Holiday Album

Sam Lansky | September 18, 2012 1:37 pm

Colbie Caillat has just announced plans to release a different kind of Christmas album: A beach-themed one. Didn’t see that coming? Yeah, neither did we, but her explanation is reasonable. “I was like, ‘Not everyone lives in the snow or cold places for Christmas, so why don’t we write some songs for them to be able to relate to what their Christmas is like,” Caillat explained to Billboard. “A lot of the songs I wrote for it are about how not every (winter) holiday I spent has been only in the snow.” How thoughtful!

So how will Caillat be escaping the predictable wintry covers? We’re anticipating some liberal use of ukelele (it worked for Justin Bieber!) — plus, Caillat says that she’s recorded five original songs in addition to 10 holiday standards, including guest spots from Brad Paisley and Gavin DeGraw, with co-writes courtesy of Kara DioGuardi and Toby Gad.

The album drops on October 23, which gives us more than enough time to book that holiday vacation to a tropical somewhere or other — and to get ready for a very Colbie Christmas.