Dave Matthews Band Land ‘Away From The World’ Atop Album Chart

Robbie Daw | September 19, 2012 10:28 am

Praise flannel! One group of rockers who found initial success in the ’90s succeeds another on the Billboard Top 200, as Dave Matthews Band‘s Away From The World bumps Matchbox Twenty‘s North off the top of the chart this week. DMB’s latest sold 266,000 copies out of the gate — nearly four times the amount (95,000) M20 debuted with last week. North has now been bumped down to #8 after adding another 28,000 copies to its sales total.

Idolator discusses DMB’s Away From The World

Away From The World leads a whopping seven debuts within the Top 10, by artists ranging from Bob Dylan and The xx to The Avett Brothers and ZZ Top. In fact, other than Matchbox Twenty, the only other act to hang in from last week is Imagine Dragons, whose Interscope debut It’s Time takes a dip from #2 to #7.

The final holdover is the 43rd NOW compilation, which drops to #9.

The Top 10 Of Billboard’s Top 200 Chart

1. Dave Matthews Band, Away From The World *new* *1 week* 2. Little Big Town, Tornado *new* 3. Bob Dylan, Tempest *new* 4. The Avett Brothers, The Carpenter *new* 5. The xx, Coexist *new* 6.ZZ Top, La Futura *new* 7. Imagine Dragons, It’s Time 8. Matchbox Twenty, North 9. Various, NOW That’s What I Call Music 43 10. Amanda Palmer, Theatre Is Evil *new*