Is Lady Gaga Behind “Cake Like Gaga” Rap Song?: Listen

Carl Williott | September 20, 2012 7:20 am

A mysterious trap-rap song surfaced online Wednesday night (September 19) with the refrain “cake like Lady Gaga” and lyrics describing a fictionalized gangsta version of Gaga’s life in the spotlight. If you follow the song’s brief journey to the interwebs, it would lead to the conclusion that Mother Monster herself is rapping on the track. Considering that weed and trap-rap go hand-in-hand, we wouldn’t be surprised. But it’s hard to tell, because like with many trap songs, the vocals are pitched down. After the jump you can hear what has been dubbed “Cake Like Gaga” and try to make sense of everything we know about the track.

Here’s what we know, via Spin: Gaga’s producer DJ White Shadow tweeted the song’s beat, soliciting fan submissions for vocals and saying he’d post the “winner.” He followed that with “bonus points for whoever writes a song about Lady Gaga.” White Shadow then “picked” his “winner,” who conveniently wanted to remain anonymous. Then, Gaga’s makeup artist tweeted a link to the “winning” version over at DJ White Shadow’s Soundcloud page. That’s the song above.

But here are the key clues: a Sherlock Holmes-ian Gaga fan pitched the vocals back up, and wouldn’t you know it sounds just like Lady Gaga! And there’s another Gaga giveaway: the finished version has an elegant piano bridge which was absent from the original beat.

[via Spin]

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