Lana Del Rey’s Lush “Blue Velvet” Cover: Watch The Full Video

Sam Lansky | September 20, 2012 11:04 am

Lana Del Rey has attracted a lot of buzz for her cover of the ’50s classic “Blue Velvet,” which is being used as part of her H&M ad campaign. (It even garnered the interest of Penguin Prison, who quickly turned around a swoony dance version of the track.) After first debuting a 30-second commercial, the full two-minute ad has finally been released — and it’s pretty much the most richly textured commercial ever. 

A vision of old-world glamour in pastel pink, LDR takes the stage, and things seem mundane enough. But the scenery gets increasingly weird as the video progresses, what with the parasol-holding flapper off to the side, Lana-lookalikes queuing up on the couch outside and a hypnotist wearing more eyeliner than Pete Wentz in his heyday.

While the video’s eccentricity definitely pays homage to David Lynch, there’s a host of other references at play here, especially the sly take on the grotesque uniformity of the Mad Men corporate lifestyle. Leave it to Lana to pack enough allusions into her H&M commercial to fill a dozen esoteric indie films, all while performing the most stunningly elegiac version of the oft-covered standard we’ve ever heard.

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