Florence Welch Mans Up In Calvin Harris’ “Sweet Nothing” Video

Robbie Daw | September 21, 2012 9:13 am

“Sweet Nothing” is the umpteenth single (okay — fifth) off Calvin Harris‘ upcoming third album 18 Months (due out October 30), and for the seedy Vincent Haycock-directed video, Harris and vocalist Florence Welch hit up a London strip club. But don’t expect to see Flo demonstrating her secret penchant for pole dancing — because instead, she’s decked out in a suit and tie, with her crimson hair pulled back, looking like a gentleman herself in this gentleman’s club. Of course, she does rip her shirt off at one point, so there is that.

Watch Welch croon over Harris’ dance beat above, while her better half gets the tar kicked out of him by two gangsters in an alleyway in one of the video’s more violent moments.