Rihanna Rolls An Expensive Joint On “Diamonds” Single Artwork

Sam Lansky | September 24, 2012 7:41 am

Rihanna has never been subtle about her affection for cannabis culture — she’s been photographed wearing marijuana-themed sweaters, hats and assorted swag, not to mention smoking suspicious-looking cigarettes in Instagram photos — but she’s taking it to the next level in the cover artwork for her new single “Diamonds,” released today via her official fansite. The photo shows Rihanna’s hands (identifiable because of her tribal tattoo) pinching a rolling paper full of diamonds: a more valuable substance than what papers frequently contain, and arguably more intoxicating.

The single artwork is an audacious move from the Bajan superstar, but at this point, Rihanna’s propensity for courting controversy shouldn’t come as a surprise. (This is, after all, the same artist who brought us the lyrical gem, “Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion.”) “Diamonds” is set to begin blazing up radio and iTunes on Wednesday, September 26 — and according to one listener who’s previewed the track, it’s a “classic.” Read on for details after the jump.

Hip-hop producer Pop Wansel, who has worked with Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, tweeted yesterday that he was impressed by the record, writing:

Tagging Benny Blanco in the tweet all but confirms what’s been rumored for awhile — that the track was at least partially helmed by the “Teenage Dream” hitmaker. The Prophet Blog reports that Sia was also involved, while a press release confirms that Ri’s frequent collaborator Stargate had a hand in the song’s production as well. Sounds like a smash to us.

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