Ke$ha’s “Die Young”: Listen To Her First ‘Warrior’ Single

Robbie Daw | September 24, 2012 5:58 pm

As is often the case with these matters, Ke$ha‘s lead Warrior single “Die Young” has made its way online a tad bit prematurely. Last week, regarding the tune, the dollar sign diva tweeted, “getting closer. get hyped. eternal boners.” So does “Die Young” live up to the promise of such a randy statement?

Upon first listen (oh, who are we kidding — we’ve played it at least three times now), we have to say, we’re getting a “if you’ve heard one Ke$ha song, you’ve heard ’em all” vibe. Which is unfortunate. At this stage in the game — i.e. a good three years since the release of “Tik Tok” — we were kind of hoping for something new from Lady Dolla. Give it a spin below.

Ke$ha — “Die Young”

The more interesting bits of “Die Young” feature ’80s-sounding, New Wavey synth riffs that would make The Cars proud, as well as a wall of backing vocals on the chorus (toward the end) and glam rock drum beats. It’s no surprise to have such cracking production emerge from Dr. Luke‘s hit factory. (The track was co-written by Dr. Luke associate Benny Blanco, Nate Ruess from fun. and Cirkut, along with Ke$ha and Luke themselves).

Unfortunately, it’s Ke$ha’s vocal delivery on the verses — the talk-singing that’s become her hallmark at this point — that just drag the whole affair down by sounding too samey. Girl, where’s this new “cock pop” genre you were spouting off about months ago? This just sounds like “Blah Blah Blah,” “Your Love Is My Drug,” and all the rest.

What do you say, pop fans — are we being too harsh on Ke$ha’s big comeback single? Let us know your thoughts on “Die Young” below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!